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0+: Eurazeo's approach to sustainability

We align our performance with the needs of people and the planet in order to lay the foundation for a sustainable future. Value creation makes sense only if it fits with our goal of investing responsibly and helps to build a fairer and more inclusive world.

Climate and Inclusion

In 2020, Eurazeo ramped up its ESG commitment with O+, an ambitious program to drive positive change in society by promoting shared and sustainable prosperity.

O+ includes two fundamental commitments: reach carbon net neutrality by 2040 at the latest and promote a more inclusive economy. It is strengthened by a principle of action to progress on all CSR dimensions, as defined by the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (SDGs).


We support those who want to build a fairer system that leaves no one behind through our commitment to education. Providing young people with access to education and training gives them hope for the future and a place in society. In 2020, we created a non-profit endowment fund that further enhanced our historical commitment to the general interest.

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