Climate: Achieving carbon net neutrality

Everyone must make it a priority to do what they can to further the fight against climate change. Eurazeo is actively involved in a global movement to bring about carbon net neutrality, which it seeks to achieve by 2040 through three levers.

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Bandeau climat neutralité carbone

Investing in a low-carbon economy

Eurazeo finances companies that contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation through their businesses, products, or services. The Group seeks investment opportunities that significantly reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions, in sectors such as electric mobility, thermal insulation, the circular economy, alternatives to animal proteins, green hydrogen, substitutes for chemical fertilizers, etc.

This is illustrated by Eurazeo’s portfolio companies, and more specifically its three dedicated funds: Eurazeo Transition Infrastructure Fund, Eurazeo Sustainable Maritime Infrastructure and Eurazeo Smart City Venture Fund II.

Promoting decarbonization

The ambitious objective of achieving carbon net neutrality by 2040 applies to Eurazeo as a whole. Consequently, the decarbonization pathway is implemented at both Group and portfolio level.

To ensure decarbonization occurs in sufficient proportions and at the pace required by the goals of the Paris Agreement, Eurazeo has committed to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). It is the leading initiative to help companies set greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction objectives aligned with recommendations made by the international scientific community. Eurazeo’s science-based targets cover the Group and the portfolio and were officially validated by SBTi in February 2022.



Scope 3 emissions generated by business travels and products and services purchased by the Group are not included in the SBTi commitment scope. Nevertheless, Eurazeo has set a target to reduce these emissions by 30% in absolute terms by 2030 relative to 2019 (taking into account the Group's growth). Are also excluded from the commitment emissions related to portfolio companies that do not meet the eligibility criteria provided by SBTi and/or for which SBTi methodologies are still under development. However, Eurazeo actively encourages these companies to implement carbon reduction initiatives and set decarbonization targets.


Safeguarding all planetary boundaries

Aware that environmental considerations go beyond the challenges related to global warming alone, Eurazeo is committed to aligning its activities with respect to all planetary boundaries. In practice, this involves analysing the materiality of these planetary boundaries for companies financed by the Group and formalizing progress plans where necessary.

In 2022, Eurazeo focused its efforts on the planetary boundary related to biodiversity erosion and has defined a strategy to help protect and restore biodiversity. This strategy was established according to the principles of the Science Based Targets for Nature methodology developed by the Science Based Targets Network (SBTN), the "equivalent" of SBTi for setting scientific objectives with regard to nature. *




For more information, please refer to the Responsible Investment Policy and the Universal Registration Document in the ESG Documents and Publications section.

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