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Eurazeo photo 2023

A steadfast supporter of photography

Because creativity and boldness are cornerstones of our corporate culture, we have a long history of supporting photography. We are proud to hold a remarkable collection of works by highly respected photographers including Sebastião Salgado, Georges Rousse and Michael Kenna. More than 50 of these images are always on view at our offices in Paris, New York and London.


A prestigious competition . . .

In 2010, we took our support for photography to the next level with the launch of the Prix Eurazeo competition. Each year, our award recognizes the work of a professional photographer reflecting the chosen theme: “Tell Us a Story.” In addition to receiving a €10,000 cash prize, the winner is offered the opportunity to exhibit his or her works in Paris. Judged by a jury including well-known experts in the field, the Prix Eurazeo covers all styles and types of photography


Jury Photo

  • Jean-François Camp, Chairman of the galerie DuRev, former director of Central Dupon Images
  • Dimitri Beck - Photography Director of Polka Magazine
  • Elisabeth Bret - Photographer
  • Hélène David-Weill
  • Marta Gili - Director of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie (ENSP)
  • Thierry Grillet - Creative director, Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BNF)
  • Aurélie de Lanlay - Deputy director, Les Rencontres d'Arles
  • Anne Lesage - Head of Images, Centre des monuments nationaux
  • Jean-Luc Monterosso - Former director of the Maison Européenne de la Photographie (MEP)
  • William Kadouch-Chassaing - Eurazeo's Co-CEO
  • Eurazeo's employees
Stéphanie Maria-Bajard
Eurazeo and photography is a commitment and a passion that has been growing for almost 20 years: thanks to the acquisition of original works, the creation of the Eurazeo Prize 13 years ago and the establishment of partnerships.

And a partnership with the iconic Rencontres d’Arles festival

Unwavering in its support for emerging artistic talent and its commitment to young people, education and equal opportunity, Eurazeo has been a sponsor since 2021 of the outreach program “Une Année en Images” conducted by the Rencontres d’Arles festival in the south of France. This program aims to raise awareness among students at 10 middle and high schools in the Nice and Aix-Marseille educational districts of photography as an art form and of photographic practice in line with the themes explored during the festival.

Photo - Les Rencontres de la photographie

Previous winners

  • Jean-François Rauzier – Edition 2010
  • Alexandre Parot – Edition 2011
  • Christophe Dugied - Edition 2012
  • Michel Kirch - Edition 2013
  • Hans Silvester - Edition 2014
  • Muriel Bordier - Edition 2015
  • Marc Kruger - Edition 2016
  • Gilles Coulon - Edition 2017
  • Guillaume Amat - Edition 2018
  • Sophie Zénon- Edition 2019
  • Frédéric Stucin - Edition 2020
  • Patrick Tourneboeuf - Edition 2021
  • Giulio Di Sturco - Edition 2022

Giulio Di Sturco

Giulio Di Sturco

Giulio Di Sturco

Ganga Ma - Giulio Di Sturco2

Alerte vigilance

Tentatives de fraude et d’usurpation d’identité