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Eurazeo and creative photography

A long-term commitment

Eurazeo boasts a prestigious collection of works by world-renowned photographers such as Sebastião Salgado, Georges Rousse, Nick Brandt, Mickael Kenna, etc., to which are added each year works by the winners of the annual Prize. Nearly 100 photographs make up the Eurazeo collection and adorn the walls of our offices in Paris, London and New York.

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A recognized annual Award

In 2010, our support for creative photography took a new step forward with the creation of the Eurazeo Prize. Each year, the prize is awarded to a professional photographer based on a theme: "Racontez-nous des Histoires" ("Tell us stories"). In addition to a cash prize of 10,000 euros, the winner's work is exhibited in Paris. Run by a jury of renowned professionals, the Eurazeo. Prize covers all fields of photography and is open to photographers of all styles.


Stéphanie Maria-Bajard
Eurazeo and photography is a commitment and a passion that has been growing for almost 20 years: thanks to the acquisition of original works, the creation of the Eurazeo Prize 13 years ago and the establishment of partnerships.

Photo Jury

The Eurazeo Photo Prize Jury is made up of Jean-François Camp - president of DuRev gallery, former CEO of Central Dupon, Dimitri Beck - director of photography Polka Magazine, Elisabeth Bret - photographer, Hélène David-Weill, Thierry Grillet - creative director, Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BNF), Aurélie de Lanlay - Deputy Director, Les Rencontres d'Arles, Anne Lesage - Head of Images, Centre des monuments nationaux, Christoph Wiesner - Director, Les Rencontres d'Arles, William Kadouch-Chassaing - Co-CEO of Eurazeo, as well as Eurazeo employees who have a vote.

Winner 2023

Charles Delcourt is the winner of the 14th Prix Photo with his series Isle of Eigg. His images, placed end to end, tell the simple, human story of a small society that sails against the tide of current trends.

Trained as a landscape architect, Charles Delcourt was awarded the Prix de la bourse Albert-Kahn and the Soutien à la Création du CNAP in 2021. He regularly publishes in Le Monde, GEO, Courrier International, Le Parisien Magazine and ELLE.


"This series focuses on a small society and attempts to capture the atmosphere of the place through its inhabitants. It's a multi-faceted portrait of a friendly community that's evolving in a way that goes against the grain of the 'classic' future of many of these isolated places."

Charles Delcourt


Charles Delcourt

Barbara Laig Beach. 08/2016

Charles Delcourt 5

Charles Delcourt

Wind turbines on the road to Sgurr. 05/2019

Charles Delcourt 1

Charles Delcourt

Libby, Cleadale. 08/2016

Charles Delcourt 2

Charles Delcourt

Kildonnan, Maison Carr. 04/2018

Charles Delcourt 3

Charles Delcourt

Dean at the pier. 06/2017

Charles Delcourt 4

Charles Delcourt

Tourists, Galmisdale. 08/2018

Charles Delcourt 6

Charles Delcourt

Centenarian beech trees. 06/2017

Charles Delcourt 7

Charles Delcourt

Finn, sheep shearing, Cleadale. 08/2018

Charles Delcourt 8

Charles Delcourt

Volunteer. 08/2018

Charles Delcourt 9

Charles Delcourt

Madeleine and Keith's wedding. 06/2017

Charles Delcourt 10

Special Jury Prize 2023

Exceptionally, our Jury has decided to award a "Special Prize" to Julie Bourges and her Eaux-Fortes series, which tells the touching story of one of France's few female fishermen, Camille, as she confronts the elements.

Julie Bourges works in worlds that oscillate between abstraction and dreamlike imagery. In recent years, she has focused on the sea, an element that concentrates emotions and fantasies, and confronts us with the otherworldly.

Previous winners

  • Jean-François Rauzier – 2010 Edition
  • Alexandre Parot – 2011 Edition
  • Christophe Dugied - 2012 Edition
  • Michel Kirch - 2013 Edition
  • Hans Silvester - 2014 Edition
  • Muriel Bordier - 2015 Edition
  • Marc Kruger - 2016 Edition
  • Gilles Coulon - 2017 Edition
  • Guillaume Amat - 2018 Edition
  • Sophie Zénon- 2019 Edition
  • Frédéric Stucin - 2020 Edition
  • Patrick Tourneboeuf - 2021 Edition
  • Giulio Di Sturco - 2022 Edition
  • Charles Delcourt - 2023 Edition

And a partnership with the iconic Rencontres d’Arles festival

Since 2022, Eurazeo has joined the club of supporters of Rencontres d'Arles. We co-constructed and financed "Une Année en Images", an inclusive project that aims to bring art into the homes of middle and high school students who are often far removed from culture, museums and exhibitions. The originality of the program lies in the fact that it goes to them with one objective in mind: to shape their minds and their critical outlook on the world, and provide them with the keys to analyzing and understanding the world around them. “Une Année en Images” develops their ability to analyze a work of art, awakening their critical sense, sensitivity, creativity and artistic tastes.

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