Three asset classes, eight areas of expertise and the whole scope of investment strategies for companies to grow.

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Real Estate


Low interest rates, surplus liquidity and secular transformation: in the current context, the need to carry out in-depth analysis work, and our demands when it comes to selecting investments are greater than ever before. Our close-knit, experienced team puts together attractive, high-performance and resilient portfolios.

  • 12

    investmentscompleted since 2015

  • 25

    acquisitionsby our portfolio companies since 2015

  • €458

    millionrealized track record, with a 37% IRR and an investment multiple of 3.0x

Resources for stimulating growth

We invest in real estate and high-potential companies that own the real estate assets they operate. To boost their growth over the long term, we provide them with the expertise and resources – financial, human and operational – they need. Our success is underpinned by our teams based in Paris, London and Luxembourg and our global network of advisors, along with our offices in Madrid, Frankfurt and New York.


Diversification and returns

Since we launched our first real estate fund in 2015, our approach has been consistent: focusing on companies and real estate assets that combine major advantages with limited disadvantages in terms of value. We have assets in areas ranging from stable and highly promising sectors, such as healthcare, to those that are struggling but show potential for recovery, such as hotels. We also invest in real estate assets that need improvement. Since 2015, we have invested directly in 12 companies, completed 25 build-ups and carried out two disposals. We favor stable sectors and those that have seen major corrections but are set to recover.

Our portfolio is broadly diversified, including in geographical terms, and offers attractive returns. In 2020, we launched our second fund, EERE II, which should generate gross returns of 15-20%.
Renaud Haberkorn, Managing Partner