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At Eurazeo opportunities are plentfiul and there for the taking. We are looking for talented and curious individuals who want to develop a meaningful career. Our focus is on attracting and developing such people. We support our people to become fulfilled professionals.

Career path

Regardless of the area in which our talents work, we offer a structured career journey: this help them look forward and gaining a clear view of how they will progress and what their job and role and responsibilities will look like in future.

Identification and development of talents

At Eurazeo our system of identifying and developing possible high potentials talents allows us to detect the talented people of both today and tomorrow and to provide them with personalized support. In this way, we help them to achieve their full potential.

Learning & development opportunities

In our line of business, people can gain early exposure to managerial responsibilities, autonomous work and stimulating progress. At each stage of their career journeys, our talents can acquire new skill sets by following tailored training programs. These programs help our people develop and expand their businessspecific knowledge, along with skills that are essential in their roles such as effective presentation and communication and negotiation, impact and leadership and public speaking.


Knowledge sharing

Eurazeo has a strong culture of knowledge-sharing. Dialogue between junior and senior team members is frequent and open. It involves more than a simple end-of-year appraisal, such conversations and feedback can be arranged at any time. This dialogue also allows our junior and most experienced colleagues to form close relationships and share knowledge, through team-based projects and shared offices.

Mentoring and coaching

We promote mentoring and coaching – both individual and collective – in order to foster the professional development of our people. The support from external coaches enables them to open up fully with their roles – current and future – and acquire new skills to prepare for inevitable professional challenges. Moreover, a special emphasis is put on supporting women during key moments of their career. Our involvement in cross-mentoring within the private equity industry (via a sponsorship of Level 20 Association) is a testament to our dedication to gender equality.


We facilitate the access to various types of networks and events for all our professionals, related to both private equity (France Invest, IPEM, AFG etc.) and the sectors in which we invest. This enables our professionals gain a broader perspective and greater knowledge, helping them to anticipate developments in the market and their area of business.

Internal and external mobility

We pay attention to the aspirations of our talents, who want a change of scene within the Group, that is why we are working closely with them and helping them consider the best ways to progress. We offer opportunities to change roles within teams or to work abroad, either on a temporary or permanent basis, allowing staff to gain experience in our other offices around the world.

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