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Eurazeo is particularly attentive to working conditions. The Group is building a stimulating, collaborative and inclusive work environment, a vector for performance and talent development. Eurazeo is sensitive to the well-being of its employees and offers a number of measures to promote their personal and professional development:



Ways of working and flexibility

We organize work in a way that confers autonomy and responsibility on our people, while being flexible enough to meet each person’s needs. We pay particular attention to the balance between people’s professional lives and personal aspirations. Thereby, all our team members can organize their work in a flexible way, for example through remote working, and benefit from offers that smooth their day-to-day life, including help with finding and funding nursery places, support for young parents and parental leave programs.

At Eurazeo, we focus on collaboration and interaction. For example, we use shared offices that help the transfer of knowledge between our talented young people and our more experienced professionals. We also listen closely to our people. By encouraging them to speak up, we are able to identify ways to better organize our offices and help promote a healthy working environment. This is shown by our engagement surveys: in 2019, 90% of our employees took part in the survey, and our overall engagement score was 8.3 out of 10.



Wellbeing at work

Eurazeo pays particularly close attention to working conditions, constantly improving our people’s quality of life and wellbeing at work. Our excellent infrastructure helps us achieve this. All our offices around the world are centrally located. They are spacious, modern and environmentally responsible. To ensure a comfortable working environment, our offices have areas specifically set aside for discussion, creativity and relaxation. We also offer a wide range of benefits such as sports facilities and wellness areas.



Collective spirit

At Eurazeo, we place a great deal of importance on creating a good working atmosphere. To foster a friendly atmosphere, we bring our people together through team and Group seminars, inter-company sports events (such as football tournaments, marathons and triathlons) and social occasions (Oktoberfest etc.). To cultivate our collective spirit, we also encourage our team members to take part in collective sports classes, and to work with and support our partner non-profit organizations (Human Rights Watch, The Bowery Mission, Sport dans la Ville, AP-HP etc.). Together, combining the unique characteristics of each of our people, we build the collective spirit that is now one of our key strengths.

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