Europcar Mobility Group

Dernière mise à jour : 30 / 10 / 2018
Dernière mise à jour : 30 / 10 / 2018
Dernière mise à jour : 30 / 10 / 2018


European leader in car rental services

Europcar Mobility Group is the European leader in vehicle rental service and is also a major player in mobility markets. Active in more than 130 countries and territories, including nine subsidiaries in Europe and two in Australia and New Zealand, Europcar Mobility Group serves customers through an extensive vehicle rental network comprised of its wholly-owned subsidiaries as well as sites operated by franchisees and partners. The group operates mainly under the Europcar®, InterRent® and Ubeeqo® brands. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of the group’s mission and all of its employees, this commitment fuels the continuous development of new services. The Europcar Mobility Group Lab, based in Paris, was created to better grasp tomorrow’s mobility challenges through innovation and strategic investments, such as Ubeeqo, E-Car Club or Brunel.

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What was the initial transformation objective?

The transformation objective was to build on Europcar Mobility Group’s numerous advantages (buoyant market, sector leader, operating quality, high-performing model for the buyback of vehicles by manufacturers covering almost the entire fleet and teams with a strong European corporate culture) to help it become the uncontested leader in the European car hire market.

How is Eurazeo assisting Europcar Mobility Group in its transformation?

Through constant and regular discussions with the company, Eurazeo encouraged numerous changes in major areas. The first transformation pillar between 2006 and 2008 was external growth, with acquisitions in Europe, as well as Australia and New Zealand. And then with acquisitions in the United Kingdom, Belgium and Spain, as well as the takeover of the Master Franchise in Asia and a partnership in China.

Eurazeo also shared its financial expertise with Europcar Mobility Group to ensure the sustainability and efficiency of its financing, by proposing new complex and innovative products to investors, while optimizing cash flow generation.

In addition, Eurazeo encourages Europcar Mobility Group to develop new mobility concepts, such as Autoliberté subscription offers and urban mobility with Car2Go.

- CSR Initiative example -

To mark the launch of the “Group Low Carbon Mission”, Europcar Mobility Group has estimated its CO2 emissions. 98% of the group’s carbon footprint falls under Scope 3, 78% from vehicle use by customers and 12% from car manufacturing. Europcar Mobility Group strives to reduce its carbon footprint and that of its customers by offering new cars for rental. The average emissions of the group’s fleet have been falling for several years. They are now below 116 g of CO2 per kilometer.

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