Thanks to the support Eurazeo has been providing since 2019, DORC. has become one of the world's leading ophthalmic surgery platforms. Since it was founded in the Netherlands in 1983, the company has been driving the growth game in the vitreoretinal (VR) and cataract markets.


As early as 2019, as part of our investment strategy based on strong convictions and a focus on sectors with strong growth potential, we identified DORC. as a compelling investment opportunity and a highly resilient business with a recurring revenue model and strong potential for value creation.

Over the past four years of ownership, DORC. and Eurazeo have delivered on their shared vision to elevate DORC. into a leading, high-growth ophthalmic surgery platform, spearheading the rapidly expanding Dual market segment with the recently launched state-of-the-art EVA Nexus™. Since 2019, DORC. has continued to invest in innovation and R&D, thanks to which the company boasts a record vitality index of over 25%. At the same time, it has expanded internationally at a brisk pace, particularly in the United States, as well as in Asia with the launch of operations in China. The company has also successfully completed two major strategic acquisitions in Germany and the United States.

As a majority shareholder, Eurazeo has largely supported DORC.’s growth and development by providing it with the required financial and human resources to support its transformation.



As a leading ophthalmic surgery platform, DORC. has made a name for itself in vitreoretinal and cataract surgery, consolidating its position as the world’s #2 player in VR packs and #1 player in ophthalmic medical devices.

The company operates in a constantly shifting sector with very high technological and medical standards. The ophthalmic surgery market is particularly sensitive to innovation and DORC. has successfully risen to the challenge by developing a range of innovative, high-quality products, including the EVA Nexus™ system which is among the most advanced in its class.



DORC. will now be supported by Carl Zeiss Meditec AG, one of the world's leading medical technology companies; with this acquisition, it aims to strengthen its position in the vitreoretinal surgery segment and expand its leadership in the ophthalmic medical devices market.

As DORC. prepares to celebrate 40 years of innovation in ophthalmic surgery, the group is undoubtedly entering a new phase of growth and development. With anticipated net sales of €200m in 2023 and an installed base of over 2,100 systems worldwide, DORC. is on track to consolidate its growth trajectory and impact on the global ophthalmic surgery market.

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Net sales in 2023: close to €200m

Approximately €385 million in gross proceeds from the sale recorded on Eurazeo's balance sheet

Gross cash-on-cash return of 2.6x

Gross internal rate of return (IRR) of 24%

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Dutch Ophtalmic Research Center (DORC)

Producer of instruments and equipment for ophthalmic surgery


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Eurazeo Investment Manager (EIM) and Eurazeo Mid Cap (EMC) are merging to form Eurazeo Global Investor (EGI)