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Idinvest Partners has played a part in major breakthroughs in the growth and development of information technology and the internet in Europe, funding more than 130 start-ups over the past 10 years. This experience has enabled us to develop acute judgement and expertise in the various business models linked to the internet, not only in the B2C segment (with investments including Dailymotion, Deezer, Meetic and Withings) but also in the B2B sector (such as Criteo, Sigfox, Talend and Scality).

“A company’s ability to expand rapidly internationally is an important criterion in our selection process. Idinvest has already helped a number of portfolio companies, such as Criteo, Talend, Curse, Viadeo, Cast, Scality and Synthesio, who are now all based in the United States.” Matthieu Baret, Partner at Idinvest

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Smart City

Our Smart City practice boasts 20 years of cumulative experience at Idinvest Partners in both energy and digital technology companies.

“Our goal is to capture the exciting growth opportunities in smart city, smart energy and new mobility which are driven by the rapid adoption of data-driven services and digitalised solutions.” Nicolas Chaudron, Partner at Idinvest

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With more than €156 million invested in 50 companies in Europe and almost 15 IPOs over the past 10 years, Idinvest Partners has a strong heritage in financing high-growth companies in the healthcare sector.

“Drawing on a strong partnership with Kurma Biofund, Idinvest Partners focuses its strategy on new medications, treatment processes and diagnoses, as well as on new markets in biotechnology, healthcare, and nutritional, with the priority on financing investments with a strong probability of success and an exit horizon of three to five years.” Nicolas Chaudron, Partner at Idinvest

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