Dernière mise à jour : 27 / 03 / 2018

Eurazeo Croissance assists fast-growing companies by setting up the necessary financial and human resources for their development and the completion of transformation projects: internationalization, sales and marketing investments, external growth, etc.


Yann du rusquec – Managing DIRECTOR – EURAZEO CROISSANCE

“Eurazeo Croissance seeks to actively contribute to the emergence of future leaders, by providing them over the long term with the resources needed to fulfil their ambitions. We invest significant amounts, where necessary in several tranches, with an initial investment ticket of around €15 million to €20 million. We identify companies upstream, carefully selecting them primarily from sectors driven by digital transformation and focusing on changes in lifestyle and consumption (mobility, online buying, collaboration models, etc.). In addition to the invested funds, we work to boost the strengths of our investments by mobilizing our teams and extensive international network to assist them in developing strategic and commercial partnerships, seeking out new competencies and seizing growth opportunities.”