Updated 09/06/2021

A new brand for a new ambition


Our new identity embraces a changing future and a world of opportunities.
It reflects our ambition for the years to come.

Long-lasting success is not a matter of strength or coincidence, but adaptability and connection. As a company dedicated to those core principles, every decade for the past 20 years Eurazeo has shed its former skin and modernized its message and identity to grow with a new era. This year, we’re taking the challenges of the next decade head-on with a new brand, business structure, and ambition.

In 2001 Eurazeo was established to support the expansion efforts of several leading French companies. By 2011 the company’s needs had changed, shifting to a strong emphasis on diversification, the opening of our funds to third-party investors, and trailblazing the integration of ESG into our business and industry. In 2021, as we embark on our next decade, our goals are to cement our status as the preeminent worldwide private equity fund, backed by a global network with a strong reputation in investment and asset management, and committed to delivering strong and sustainable growth. We have matured as a group, building on our decades-long history of consistent success with greater resources and an ever-growing community of talented professionals from multiple nationalities.

Modernizing our brand means remaining in step with today’s challenges and open to the world’s future possibilities. Even as we celebrate the achievements of the past 10 years, Eurazeo is preparing for the 10 years with a focus on diversification. Diversification has been our byword throughout this recent period, across our businesses, our growth drivers, our risks, our resources, and our geographic exposures.

The Group that I am honored to lead is now able to support companies at all phases of their growth, from early-stage startups to unicorns, and from small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) to international groups. We are rare among private equity players to have such a large amount of our own money to invest, alongside the funds we raise from third-party investors. Eurazeo is also a European leader in private debt solutions, and we have high ambitions in real estate and infrastructure.

To date, Eurazeo has invested €22 billion in the real economy and in sustainable value creation.

Ten years ago, Eurazeo had a portfolio of 22 large (predominantly French) services and manufacturing companies, all eager to expand internationally. Today, we support 450 companies through our investments and financing.

We have grown from being an undisputed leader in the French market to having local teams in 10 countries across four continents, all of whom support the international expansion of our portfolio companies while also forging close ties with international private investors in North America, Europe and Asia.

Today, Eurazeo is a community of 300 people bringing together more than 25 nationalities. We are united in our commitment to building a more sustainable, diverse, equitable future.

Our new brand pays tribute to our progress to date just as much as it shapes Eurazeo’s positioning for 2030. Our new brand also reflects our objectives as a major player in an industry seeing exceptional growth.

For this new brand, we have developed a strategy that articulates:

  • What we are: a European leader with global ambitions;
  • What makes us a leader: a cohesive Group, built on singular strengths, where all the tremendous teams from Eurazeo and Idinvest have found their place;
  • Where we will focus our actions: reinforcing our ability to expand, structure everything we do, and remain current with the changing business landscape;
  • How we see our future: delivering meaningful growth.

Our goal is clear: reframing our brand to accelerate our transformation and set the standard as an engaged investor in the promising companies and sectors building today and tomorrow.

Modernizing our brand also means gaining new vigor by drawing on our strengths and successes.

We are very fortunate to be backed by a family shareholder base with a long-term vision, as well as a loyal and expanded base of individual investors. We have another unique advantage: our balance sheet. Our management team has weathered multiple economic downturns and crises and is well equipped to act as one through market turbulence and volatility. I am also proud of our status as a responsible investor and a pioneer in ESG initiatives. Our new identity still remains loyal to our roots. It embodies our recent successes and paves the way for our future.

Throughout our combined 130-year history we have never stood still; bringing all of our activities under a single brand reinforces our commitment to growing and evolving as a powerful player on the world stage.

Along with our new identity, we have unveiled a promise to encapsulate our model and our ambition: Power Better Growth. Through this promise, we communicate our constant focus on investing for sustainable growth. It is also a promise that shows who we are: an engaged, bold, and visionary leader.

I am especially excited about these latest developments, which confirm my great pride in our Group as well as its past and future accomplishments. Above all, I am honored and humbled to lead and work alongside the 300 women and men who work every day to build a better, more sustainable future.

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