Updated 17/06/2021

Introducing Eurazeo’s new CSR program for the next 20 years, O+


At this point in 2020, business models across all industries are undergoing significant changes. Many of these changes are related to how companies approach corporate social responsibility (CSR). As the CEO of a leading global investor that supports over 430 companies, I see every day how our status as a CSR pioneer gives us a unique advantage with respect to attracting and retaining talent, investors, or entrepreneurs to work with Eurazeo in different capacities.

Despite what has been an extraordinary past few months, Eurazeo’s strategic defense has proven successful, in no small part due to our commitment to corporate social governance. The ongoing crises that communities are collectively facing have only further demonstrated the need for businesses to be responsible and resilient corporate citizens. We made our first CSR commitment 20 years ago, when we pledged to demonstrate that an investment company can play a key role in combating climate change and supporting a fairer society. Eurazeo has indeed been a pioneer on this front, leading the way among our peers on CSR matters such as governance, inclusion, and environmental stewardship.

We made that initial commitment because we knew that to make a profit today means more than only considering the bottom line - companies must be responsible, sustainable, and committed to improving lives and protecting our planet.

We have woven responsibility into every area of our Group, including our careful due diligence process. This approach has proven results: to date, 90% of our investments have shown strong resilience and growth during the first half of this year, despite unprecedented circumstances.

We are measuring our CSR progress regularly and are transparent in disclosing our metrics.

We have exceeded our initial targets set between 2015 to 2020, particularly regarding responsible investing and improving employee wellbeing. I am very proud of our achievements thus far.

Now, we are taking it to the next level. Eurazeo has launched O+, the next phase of our CSR program to take place over the next 20 years. We are focusing on two pillars to drive positive change in society.
Hear more about my thoughts on O+ with this video.

We look to achieve zero net carbon by 2040, in alignment with the Science Based Targets initiative. To achieve optimum performance in a low carbon economy, Eurazeo will focus on reducing carbon risk and exposure to carbon costs; integrating carbon measurement at each stage of the investment cycle; and investing in the low carbon economy.

Eurazeo will promote a more inclusive economy by advancing gender equality, access to social protection, and equal opportunities. In support of more inclusive society, industry, and economy, Eurazeo will be stepping up its existing efforts across all of its asset classes. Our objectives include combating gender inequality; enabling access to health, life and disability insurance, and value created by the firm; and supporting equality of opportunity by creating a €3 million fund to support non-profits working in support of education and child welfare.

Watch a video about O+ here.

Eurazeo is the first company in our industry to aim this high. We believe it is imperative that we do our part and strive to be as sustainable as possible.

We are more certain than ever that corporations must be even bolder and more innovative and are excited to continue leading the way. We invite our peers, investors, LPs, and management teams to join us in achieving this ambition.

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