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All members of the Investment team, from Juniors to Managing partners, play an active role in the various phases of investment and add value throughout the investment cycle. We hire multi-skilled professionals, capable to think holistically, see the big picture and work within complex ecosystems.



  • Associates perform businesses, industries and markets researches, carry out financial analysis. They take part in the due diligence process and in meetings with portfolio companies, learn how to manage relationships with third parties like bankers, lawyers, Senior Advisors and experts.
  • Senior Associates play an independent role in managing certain stages of the due diligence process. They manage internal teams and supervise junior team members.
  • Principals bring ideas that help identify high-potential businesses (sourcing). They develop a network of external partners, manage the investment and divestment processes, and are active members of our portfolio companies’ Executive Boards.
  • Managing Directors are in charge of sourcing. They manage fundraising transactions, using their in-depth investment expertise. They are key partners to our portfolio companies’ Top Management teams.

The variety of the Group's expertises and investment sectors allows everyone to work on themes and issues related to their experience (Tech, Consumer, Finance, Healthcare, Real Estate, etc.).


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