Paris, December 13, 2022


Béatrice Stern, Cécile David-Weill, Natalie Merveilleux du Vignaux and Agathe Mordacq (the “David-Weill Family”), who together own 9.4% of Eurazeo’s capital, are continuing their links with Eurazeo through the early renewal of the shareholder agreement they formed in April 2018. By doing so, they are maintaining the commitment shown by their father, Michel David-Weill, founder and Chair of the Group’s Supervisory Board for more than 20 years. The arrangements agreed in 2018, and particularly the second-rank right of first refusal granted to Eurazeo, remain in place and are slightly adjusted. This new agreement will replace the 2018 agreement and will take effect when the latter expires, i.e. on 6 April 2023, for a renewable term of three years.

Jean-Manuel de Solages, Amaury de Solages and Constance Broz (the “Solages Family”), who own 5.6% of Eurazeo’s capital and are also parties to the aforementioned April 2018 agreement, have formed a new shareholder agreement with Eurazeo. In the event that they consider selling shares in Eurazeo, they have granted Eurazeo a right of first negotiation or a right of first refusal depending on the number of shares concerned. This new agreement will replace the 2018 agreement in respect of the Solages Family and will also take effect on 6 April 2023 for a term of three years.

Alain Guyot and Hervé Guyot (the “Guyot Family”), who own 0.5% of Eurazeo’s capital, have also formed a new shareholder agreement and granted a right of first negotiation to Eurazeo. That agreement will come into force on 1 January 2023 for a three-year term. Alain Guyot and Hervé Guyot were parties to the shareholder agreement of 29 April 2010, described in Eurazeo’s Universal Registration Document, which will expire on 31 December 2022 and will not be renewed.

These three agreements were submitted to Eurazeo’s Supervisory Board for approval in its meeting of 30 November 2022 and have been disclosed to the AMF in accordance with applicable statutory provisions.

Jean-Charles Decaux, Chair of the Supervisory Board, said:

“These agreements reflect the commitment and shared ambitions of the shareholder families in terms of developing Eurazeo’s performance. The main shareholder families are taking the long view, giving Eurazeo a solid base from which to continue to develop the Group’s asset management strategy and drive sustained profitable growth in the interests of shareholders, limited-partner investors and all stakeholders. In this way, Eurazeo will be able to continue to pursue its central role in creating value for the companies it supports.”

Virginie Morgon, CEO, added:

“I am delighted with these three agreements, which once again show Eurazeo’s strong family roots among family investors. The three families concerned David-Weill, Solages and Guyot, who together represent more than 15% of the capital, are long-standing shareholders of Eurazeo. They have now confirmed their commitment to Eurazeo, ensuring the stability of our ownership structure. I am particularly proud that the agreement between the David-Weill family and Eurazeo has been renewed. The support of Michel David-Weill’s children and grandchildren represents a vote of confidence that is essential in terms of pursuing Eurazeo’s growth strategy. I offer them my sincere thanks. Alongside the Decaux family – our largest shareholder – and the Richardson family, Eurazeo is fortunate to be able to rely on long-term family and institutional shareholders who are solid, loyal and committed.”

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Eurazeo Investment Manager (EIM) and Eurazeo Mid Cap (EMC) are merging to form Eurazeo Global Investor (EGI)