Paris, March 9, 2022


At its meeting on March 8, 2022, based on a proposal made by the Compensation, Appointment and Governance Committee, the Eurazeo Supervisory Board decided to renew the terms of office of members of the Executive Board, chaired by Virginie Morgon, and to appoint Jean-Charles Decaux as Chairman of the Supervisory Board. These key appointments will enable Eurazeo to maintain and amplify its growth momentum, its international development and the expansion of each of its business lines in the years to come. 

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Jean-Charles Decaux, currently Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board, will become Chairman of the Eurazeo Supervisory Board after the April 28, 2022 Shareholders’ Meeting. He will take over from Michel David-Weill, who has decided not to seek reappointment as Chairman, a role he has held since 2002. Mr. David-Weill will put the renewal of his term of office as Supervisory Board member to a shareholder vote in the upcoming Shareholders’ Meeting, with the aim of continuing to support Eurazeo’s development as part of the Supervisory Board. This transition shows the support, cohesion and long-term commitment of the Decaux and David-Weill families, who are Eurazeo’s main shareholders. In his new role, Jean-Charles Decaux will continue to bring his experience as an entrepreneur and CEO of a company that is a world leader in its sector, together with his growth ambitions and high standards in terms of performance. He will lead the work done by the Supervisory Board, most of whose members are independent.  

Renewed terms of office for Executive Board members

As proposed by Virginie Morgon, whose term of office as Chief Executive Officer was renewed on November 29, 2021, the Supervisory Board has renewed the terms of office of the Executive Board’s other members for four years and appointed William Kadouch-Chassaing to replace Philippe Audouin, who is retiring1. Together, the Executive Board members will be responsible for managing the Company, executing its strategy, maintaining relations with the Supervisory Board, shareholders and stakeholders, and monitoring financial and non-financial performance as part of the O+ program. Each Executive Board member assumes cross-functional responsibilities at the Group’s service:  

  • Christophe Bavière, Senior Managing Partner, Head of Investment Partners, leads the Group’s fundraising and marketing teams and is in charge of its relationships with institutional and individual investment partners.  
  • Marc Frappier, Managing Partner, Mid-large buyout, leads Eurazeo’s Mid-large buyout strategy, the Group’s largest investment strategy focusing on mid-sized companies with growth potential, especially internationally. He actively supports the Group’s internationalization and oversees the team members in charge of value creation in portfolio companies.  
  • Nicolas Huet, General Secretary, oversees governance, legal affairs, human resources, ESG, risk, compliance and tax matters. He also coordinates action taken by the Company’s Corporate functions in relation to investment transactions.  
  • William Kadouch-Chassaing, General Manager Finance and Strategy is responsible for financial affairs, relations with institutional and individual shareholders, strategy, capital allocation, financial communications, treasury and financing.  
  • Olivier Millet, Managing Partner, Small-mid buyout, leads Eurazeo’s investment activities focusing on small and medium-sized companies, and oversees the development of the Group’s Healthcare business. He also supports the managers of Kurma Partners, a Eurazeo group asset management company specializing in biotechnology and medical innovation.  


Jean-Charles Decaux, Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board, said:  

“I would like to offer Michel David-Weill and his family my sincere thanks. Their long-term commitment to Eurazeo is helping us to build a leading player in the European private equity industry. I am very honored to have the Supervisory Board’s trust, and I am grateful to all its members. This appointment reflects my family’s commitment as a core shareholder of Eurazeo since 2017. I will perform my duties in close collaboration with the Executive Board, following the highest standards of governance. We will continue to work together to support management in building the next phase of the Group’s development and achieving sustainable growth in the interests of shareholders and all stakeholders. Today, Eurazeo has some indisputable advantages that it can use to accelerate its value creation in a fast-growing industry: a stable base of family and institutional shareholders, a closely involved Supervisory Board, a talented management team and a high-quality staff.”  

Virginie Morgon, CEO, said:  

“I would like to thank the Supervisory Board for the trust they have shown toward the Executive Board members, and I am looking forward to continuing and stepping up our efforts to make Eurazeo a leading European asset manager in private markets. Our Group’s development will be led by a close-knit management team with complementary skills and a great deal of experience. Eurazeo is also fortunate enough to have the support of committed, long term family shareholders, along with the highest standards of governance. I would like to express my gratitude and admiration for the 20 years that Michel David-Weill has spent as Chairman of the Supervisory Board. To a large extent, what our Group is today is down to him, and we will continue to benefit from his tremendous commitment and unique experience going forward. I am also very pleased to be able to continue my close, trusted working relationship with JeanCharles Decaux, a great business leader and an ambitious shareholder.” 


1Renewed terms and nomination effective March 19,2022

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