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Vignette Electra investissement
Vignette Electra investissement

01/07/2022 - PRESS RELEASES

Eurazeo steps up its sustainable infrastructure investments

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  • @eurazeo

    Utiliser les sciences comportementales combinées à l'#IA pour faciliter la montée en compétence des #salariés : voici l'objectif de la #StartUp 🇫🇷 Fifty dans laquelle Eurazeo vient d'investir ! Pour lire l'article de @CharliePERREAU dans @LesEchos

    5 hours ago

  • @eurazeo

    🗞 "Amandine Ayrem, l'engagée" : focus dans le @MagDecideurs sur l'une des étoiles montantes du #PrivateEquity ! Découvrez le portrait de notre Managing Director - Mid-large buyout 👉

    21 hours ago

  • @eurazeo

    Eurazeo contribue au renforcement du #financement initial d'Ermium Therapeutics, porté à 12,3 M€. 📌 Soutenu par Kurma Partners depuis 2019, cette #biotech développe des produits de #santé #innovants pour les maladies auto-immunes et inflammatoires. 👉

    1 day ago


billionin Assets Under Management (AuM) as of 31/03/2022

  • 530

    portfolio companieswhich we help to grow over the long term

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    Private Equity, Private Debt and Real Assets specialists

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Virginie Morgon
The Group's model is powerful. All our indicators for 2021 show that Eurazeo is ahead of schedule with its development. With €32 billion of assets under management, we have reached a new milestone.
Virginie Morgon, Chief Executive Officer


Private Equity bureaux

Private Equity

Our Private Equity team works with a range of companies, from startups with disruptive business models and a desire to conquer the world to those with committed brands, unleashing their transformational and growth potential. Our experts help businesses at all stages of their development, applying the full array of investment strategies to provide the support they need, when they need it: Buyout, Acceleration, Venture and Private Funds Group.

Private Debt - Réunion

Private Debt

Mid-caps need to be able to access tailored, innovative funding. As the European leader in private debt, we help these companies at critical points in their development with a range of bold solutions, including Direct Lending and Asset-based Finance.

Real Assets - Travail

Real Assets

We create value in European markets, where we position ourselves at the intersection of real estate and private equity, for example, in transition infrastructures.


Committed investment professionals, experienced Investment Partners and high-level operational experts: Eurazeo's employees are committed to serving companies, investors and shareholders, and make Eurazeo a leader in private market asset management.


We align our performance with the needs of people and the planet in order to lay the foundation for a sustainable future. Value creation makes sense only if it fits with our goal of investing responsibly and helps to build a fairer and more inclusive world.


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