Dernière mise à jour : 13 / 05 / 2019


In an unsettled, rapidly changing environment, companies must meet new challenges head on to ensure their development. Eurazeo offers its expertise, time and resources to accelerate the transformation of companies into the most promising growth engines. A role truly committed to developing the global players.


Assist its holdings in the major phases of their history, be alongside their managers in the long term, make decisions with hindsight and pragmatism, and act responsibly in the interest of all stakeholders: these are Eurazeo’s commitments, based on a shared vision of the company’s future.


The purpose of Eurazeo is to identify, accelerate and enhance the transformation potential of the companies in which it invests, even long after its exit. An active and committed shareholder, Eurazeo assists its holdings in the long term – 5 to 7 years – with control over exit timing. An extensive role enabling it to combine business development and corporate social responsibility.