Dernière mise à jour : 02 / 06 / 2017


In addition to its expertise and organization into divisions, Eurazeo relies on 5 pillars to accelerate the transformation of its portfolio companies. All are performance drivers for the Group and its investments.

Eurazeo’s values


To capture growth in a somewhat lackluster environment, you must know how to think out of the box and be equipped with the best resources. Eurazeo has developed its organization, its ways of thinking and processes. Its teams have demonstrated ingenuity, daring and anticipation in detecting future moneymakers, accelerating their transformation and timing their sale.


Eurazeo provides its investments with all the financial, human and organizational resources needed to realize their growth potential. In each of its business sectors, the Group has teams of dedicated experts with know-how, networks and a business approach tailored to each asset profile.


Its financial robustness and lack of debt, together with a strong family and institutional base, enable Eurazeo to independently arbitrate its investments and asset rotations without any time constraints. The Group can therefore make the best decisions with total independence and with a sole objective: create value for its shareholders.

The Long Term

A patient capitalist, Eurazeo accompanies its investments over the long term, with strategic outlooks that largely exceed its disposal objectives. This long-term vision is also illustrated by the stability of its management team – the Executive Board in place since 2002 was renewed for a term of 4 years – and a base of family investors present for more than 20 years.


A performance driver, Corporate Social Responsibility is a vital component for the extensive transformation and long-lasting growth of a business. At the heart of its shareholder strategy, the Eurazeo CSR policy is based on exemplary governance, shared ethics, the common defined principles in its CSR charter, and local assistance with the roll-out of its investments’ action plans.