Sommet Education

Dernière mise à jour : 11 / 10 / 2018
Dernière mise à jour : 11 / 10 / 2018
Dernière mise à jour : 11 / 10 / 2018

- About -

Sommet Education is a network of hospitality schools in Switzerland, Spain, China and United Kingdom. The schools offer degrees to suit a wide range of personalities, career goals and country preferences.

Founded respectively in 1962 and 1954, GIion Institute of Higher Education (“GIion”) and Les R0ches International School of Hotel Management (“Les R0ches”) are private Swiss institutions offering training programs in the wider field of hospitality and luxury-related industries. GIion operates in Switzerland and the United Kingdom and currently educates approximately 2,000 students. Les R0ches operates campuses in Switzerland but also in Spain and China and currently educates approximately 3,100 students over its different campuses.  With students coming from over 90 different countries, and over 23,000 alumni working throughout the world, in various industries and positions, GIion and Les R0ches offer true transformative experiences and give access to appealing international careers. 

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What was the transformation objective?

The aim is to create an independent and efficient group and equip both institutions with the necessary resources for their development, while drawing on their global reputation, rich heritage and widespread student and alumni communities. Backed by the Eurazeo teams, Sommet Education will intensify its international expansion and accelerate the ramp-up of recently opened campuses. The extension of their academic offering, particularly through digital transformation and the increase in the number of courses designed for executives, represents a major growth potential for both these institutions in the years to come.

How will Eurazeo assist Sommet Education?

Eurazeo provides Sommet Education with its knowledge of the luxury goods, hotel, training and education sectors. Thanks to its international network, specifically in China and Brazil, Eurazeo will help to step up the schools’ worldwide expansion.

- CSR Initiative example -

Sommet Education has established a partnership with a specialized organization to provide professional reintegration assistance for people returning from long-term sick leave, an analysis of sources of stress and fatigue in teams, and programs for the prevention of psychosocial risks.