Sharing a commitment

Dernière mise à jour : 20 / 06 / 2018

Being a Eurazeo shareholder is often a family story, a commitment spanning several generations to company development through the support provided to our team. However, laws on gifts and donations can offer the possibility of experiencing this transgenerational dimension other than through a bequest and so of sharing your investor and entrepreneurial culture.

Eurazeo shareholder, often a family story

Since its origins, our firm has built up long-standing relationships with individual shareholders, first and foremost families who, through their loyalty, contribute to its stability. Some of these families have been present throughout the Group’s history, and bring together several generations, like those forming the concert around Michel David Weill; others have more recently chosen to join Eurazeo, like the Decaux family, which shares the same entrepreneur vision and long-term outlook. Eurazeo fully measures the importance of their long-term presence and, more broadly, that of the transmission of the shareholder culture, for younger generations as well as for the economy.

Share your investor and shareholding culture through your shares

Knowing that investment in selected shares is one of the best ways to see wealth blossom over time, we want to be able to pass on to those who are dear to us this investment understanding and stock market and shareholder culture. Using the existing opportunities to gift shares may be an opportunity for shareholders wishing to raise the awareness of their relatives – and in so doing they can often benefit from more advantageous tax conditions than for bequests. This is the case in France, for instance, under certain conditions described below.

With Eurazeo, share your passion for companies

Being a long-term Eurazeo shareholder goes beyond the search for performance. Through the Eurazeo share and shareholder commitment alongside our team, they are a sleeping partner in the development of dozens of companies of all sizes, from all sectors, on several continents.  Following Eurazeo’s development together is as such an opportunity to share with your family your passion for companies and their momentum.

If you plan to gift shares

As the tax framework is specific to each country, and since each shareholder’s situation is personal, it is advisable in all cases to contact your legal or investment advisor to determine the most appropriate solution allowing you to gift shares to one of your relatives. Remember that there are usually tax incentives for donations.

As an example, here are the broad outlines of the different solutions offered to French tax residents in 2017.


The possibilities offered are greater than indicated in the table above.  In France for instance, you can split your donation (gift your shares but keep the usufruct, i.e. collect the dividends).