Becoming a shareholder

Dernière mise à jour : 21 / 03 / 2019

There are many reasons to become a Eurazeo shareholder, from the performance of the business sector to the attractive return for long-term shareholders. Individual shareholders understand this very well; they hold 45% of our capital. We owe them a lot for their valuable loyalty, beyond our role . There are as many reasons to become and remain a Eurazeo shareholder, opting for the privileged status of registered shareholder if you wish.

Message from Philippe Audouin
Directeur Général Finances – CFO of Eurazeo, in charge of investor and private shareholder relations

 “Eurazeo is above all a partnership: a team supported by a network, the managers of our investments, and of course our shareholders and particularly our individual shareholders. We have established a long-standing bond of trust with our individual shareholders. Individuals, families, entrepreneurs, employees and other individual shareholders together occupy a special place, holding roughly 45% of our capital.

This privileged situation is in fact quite natural, as the timeline, vision and interests of individual shareholders would appear aligned with ours. Like Eurazeo, they generally take a long-term view to investment. Their loyalty and reliability give our Company the strength of stability, mirroring the contribution we make to the companies in which we invest. Like Eurazeo, they generally seek long-term sustainable value creation stemming from responsible development; this is the very purpose of our activity and our strategy is to combine attractive performance and controlled risk. Their stability is key in this respect.

So Eurazeo is genuinely motivated to maintain close ties with the 21,000 individual shareholders who have placed their trust in us. As we owe them so much for their support, together with Virginie Morgon and the Eurazeo teams, we constantly strive to work better or harder to meet their expectations.To this end, and on top of our investment role, we have given information, substantive dialogue and governance commitments. Rest assured that I will personally ensure that our undertakings are kept.

I firmly believe that there are many reasons for individual shareholders to become and remain Eurazeo shareholders. I would be delighted for you to learn more about these reasons, and to be able to count you among Eurazeo’s shareholders in the future, if this is not already the case.” 

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Eurazeo, a long list of compelling strengths

> Strong affinity with individual shareholders, 45% of capital
> Access to the performance of the private equity market
> Investment in a diverse range of high-potential companies
> The reputed drive of its team
> The potential of recent strategic deals
> A balance between value creation and controlled risks
> Its sound financial position
> Attractive shareholder return

The privileged status of registered shareholder

If you decide to become a Eurazeo shareholder, you will have to choose the form in which you wish to hold your Eurazeo shares: registered – pure or administered – for those with a medium/long-term outlook, or bearer form.

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If your shares are registered, you are known to and recognized by the Company; you also enjoy a number of benefits, including: :

> Double voting rights, for each share held in registered form for more than two years.
> All information about Eurazeo you systematically and directly receive all shareholder information, be it shareholders’ letters or the Shareholders’ Meeting notice, with the forms needed to request an admission card, a correspondence vote, power of attorney or proxy or documents.

If your shares are in pure registered form (listed in our books and not those of your financial intermediary), you are also entitled to:

> The waiver of custody fees
> Free conversion to bearer shares if you wish to sell your shares
> A dedicated call line to our partner BNP Paribas Securities Services to answer questions about managing your securities on 0 800 801 161 (toll free from France) or 00 33 1 58 16 05 09 if you’re calling from outside France.

To purchase pure registered shares

Simply send your order, with the matching funds, directly to the financial institution in charge of securities services on our behalf:

  BNP Paribas Securities Services
Corporate Trust Services, Service Titres Eurazeo
Grands Moulins de Pantin
9 rue du Débarcadère
93761 Pantin Cedex
Tél. : 0 800 801 161 (from France)
or 00 33 1 58 16 05 09 (from outside France)

You can also send your instructions by email: :