Invest responsibly

Dernière mise à jour : 19 / 07 / 2017


1_detectionThe environmental, social, societal and governance (ESG) are integrated in all the three stages of the investment cycle Eurazeo : detection phase of investment opportunities, detention phase and disposal phase.

Upstream, during the detection of investment opportunities, CSR provides a two fold contribution: the consideration of environmental, social and societal developments enriches the prospective analysis of different sectors and economic trends. This helps identify new opportunities in areas as diverse as energy, the service economy, recycling and waste treatment; and the appraisal of a target acquisition in respect of environmental, social, societal and governance issues can help improve the understanding of the risks and opportunities, thereby increasing the ability to forge strong convictions in the selection of investments.

During this detection phase of investment opportunities, Eurazeo uses a guide for the conduct of CSR due diligences. Eurazeo aims to integrate a CSR section into 100% of due diligences in advanced study phase conducted on acquisitions by 2020.

StrategieRSEetobjectifs2020_Investirdemanièreresponsable-3-ENDuring the transformation phase, all human, financial and technical resources are mobilized to accelerate the transformation of portfolio companies and help them achieve their full potential. This approach is combined with assistance in the implementation of CSR policies, performance driver for companies.

To facilitate the implementation of a pragmatic and creative CSR value, Eurazeo has defined a CSR roadmap for its holdings.

Monitoring of CSR progress has been made reliable through the deployment of a reporting system. Results of this reporting are the working basis for the definition and monitoring of action plans implemented within societies. CSR reporting of each company is also the subject of a presentation to the Directors and the Council and include the definition of quantitative targets.
In his accompaniment to companies, the Eurazeo’s CSR department conducts many workshops and exchanges of good CSR practices with the majority of them. Moreover, awareness and training seminars are regularly held with portfolio companies.


Finally, at the disposal phase of a company, a CSR vendor due diligence is performed to highlight the progress made in this field since the acquisition by Eurazeo.

Eurazeo has formalized an analytical framework for conducting such a CSR vendor due diligences. The Group aims to integrate CSR information in 100% of disposals by 2020.