Establish exemplary governance

Dernière mise à jour : 17 / 12 / 2018

Eurazeo is convinced that good governance is essential for performance and sustainability of companies. The CSR strategy establishes goals for 2020 on diverse criteria such as independence and specialized committees of the Council.

Among the portfolio companies, the establishment of good governance is a success factor in the deployment of transformation and acceleration strategies. The CSR progress plan for portfolio companies includes the appointment of a CSR manager and the insertion of CSR issues in the agenda of the meetings of the Supervisory Board of Directors or at least once a year.

At Eurazeo, a CSR governance is in place since 2008. A specialized CSR Committee of the Supervisory Board has been formed since 2014. The implementation of best practices is materialized by developing internal tools, essential features of strong and exemplary governance approach.

Good governance also implies a quality dialogue with all stakeholders. In 2013, Eurazeo has mapped its stakeholders, updated in 2015, and now has a structured dialogue with the majority of them.