CSR acceleration programs

Dernière mise à jour : 17 / 12 / 2018

To facilitate the integration of CSR into corporate activities, Eurazeo has developed several thematic programs to promote the sharing of expertise and ultimately accelerate the deployment of improvement plans.

These programs allow to accelerate the mobilization and engagement in investments on key topics. The CSR department Eurazeo provides portfolio companies with expertise and network of experts on these topics. Working meetings are organized with volunteers companies to share best practices and contribute to the steps taken in each of them.

CSR footprint


Eurazeo encourages portfolio companies to perform analysis of the footprint of their organization. CSR strategy already includes conducting an environmental assessment and / or greenhouse gas and defining an emissions reduction action plan every 3 years. 

In 2017, Eurazeo PME conducted an innovative study in the private equity sector. With the help of a consulting firm, Eurazeo PME assessed its socioeconomic footprint to obtain a more comprehensive view of its impact on employment and the creation of economic value. Two types of impacts were assessed:

• operating impacts of the Eurazeo PME management company (purchases, wages, taxation);

• catalytic impacts related to Eurazeo PME’s investments.

These impacts serve to generate economic and social benefits, directly (added value), indirectly (from suppliers) and induced (by household consumption), expressed in jobs and on economic value generated.

Gender diversity

Eurazeo, committed to the Women’s Forum and the Rising Talents initiative 

Eurazeo is convinced that gender diversity is a lever of performance and competitiveness for businesses. As such, since 2008, Eurazeo has supported the Rising Talents initiative, a unique network of the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society, whose aim is to identify and support young women with the potential to become prominent figures in tomorrow’s world, and to accompany women involved in concrete projects. Eurazeo is actively involved in the selection process of the twenty young women who join the network each year. Virginie Morgon, CEO of Eurazeo, co-hosts this initiative every year.


Eurazeo Pluriels, our diversity promotion network 

In 2014, Eurazeo launched Eurazeo Pluriels, its internal diversity network, whose purpose is to advance gender diversity at Eurazeo and within its portfolio, and more generally its sphere of influence, by organizing several annual events such as conferences, cross-mentoring and training.

Because equal opportunity does not solely concern women, the Eurazeo Pluriels network also includes men. Diversity is a social issue that involves both men and women. Real change must associate both men and women particularly in businesses.

Diversity is built by paying constant attention to the processes of recruitment and promotion. This is why the events organized by Eurazeo Pluriels are designed to educate participants on diversity and define improvement plans with quantified targets.

Responsible procurement

Responsible Procurement is one of the key themes that Eurazeo wishes to strengthen in its portfolio companies. Purchasing is indeed an area of ​​progress and significant vulnerability for companies that need to establish mechanisms to ensure that their supplies are responsible for the human and environmental plans.

Responsible Procurement Working Group

For this purpose, a specific working group “Responsible Purchasing” is offered to companies to assist them in this process and to promote the spread of CSR questionnaires to suppliers and audit fields. The working group on sustainable procurement gathers purchasing managers, legal directors and the CSR responsible for all interests. The objective of the first meeting of this group was to accelerate the deployment of charters purchasing managers in the companies by allowing them to share their experience and disseminate best practices.
Writing a Code of Conduct for Business Partners.

As part of the working group “Responsible Purchasing” Eurazeo has also formalized the integration of CSR issues into its purchasing policy by establishing, in cooperation with a specialized law firm, a Business

Practices Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is the framework established by Eurazeo for all commercial relationship. The Code has a total of 16 commitments relating to human rights, respect for the environment and business ethics.