A portfolio integrating a sustainable dimension

Dernière mise à jour : 18 / 12 / 2018

Well aware of the growth potential of markets with a sustainable dimension, such as those that adapt to new uses or develop technologies with a strongly positive environmental impact, Eurazeo increasingly seeks to invest in such sectors. Several portfolio companies are currently involved in the transition towards a more sustainable economy.

Circular economy

proposes products for use, rather than selling them. This modern view of the economy has prompted Elis to design the most sustainable products possible to ensure continuity of service, to identify alternatives to disposable goods, and to raise customers’ awareness of the environmental benefits of this model.

Europcar Mobility Group is also part of the service economy with its car rental business. To reduce the environmental impacts associated with the use of its fleet, Europcar Mobility Group offers consumers vehicles with a reduced environmental impact thanks to efficient maintenance programs, the low average age of its fleet and the proportion of its vehicles fueled by alternative energy sources, including hybrid cars and electric vehicles.

vestiaireAt the crossroads of changing consumption patterns, digital, community, luxury goods and brands, Vestiaire Collective offers collaborative e-commerce platform where members can buy and sell clothing and accessories of high-end fashion and used luxury. Investment in Vestiaire Collective matches the ambition of Eurazeo Croissance: to contribute to the emergence of future leaders in sectors supported by the development of the collaborative economy and digital transformation.

Back Market is the first marketplace focused on bringing thousands of refurbished electronic devices and appliances from certified professionals to consumers (smartphones, tablets, laptops, televisions, hi-fi equipment, game consoles, household appliances, and other products).


Innovative environmental technologies

Reden Solar is a major player within the photovoltaic energy sector in France and abroad. Reden Solar activities cover the entire photovoltaic value chain: project origination, design and development, financial engineering, construction and control, operation and maintenance of solar power plants. The Company has developed and managed to date facilities representing a cumulated capacity of 330MW.


IES designs and manufactures chargers for industrial vehicles, electric vehicles and charging infrastructures. By gradually expanding its embedded and external chargers for electric cars, the company now has major car manufacturers among its customers.

l-Pulse develops innovative applications based on power electronics technology to many industries. These processes have applications in many industries and enable new applications, lower usage and production costs while improving the energy and environmental balances.