Create sustainable value

Dernière mise à jour : 18 / 12 / 2018


To facilitate the implementation of a pragmatic and value-creating CSR approach, Eurazeo has laid down a CSR roadmap made available to all of its investments. Its aim is to see it deployed by all of them by 2020.

The roadmap has three major objectives for 2020: Provide a solid CSR foundation: 100% of portfolio companies to have deployed Eurazeo’s “CSR essentials”; identify the challenges and opportunities of sustainable performance: 100% of portfolio companies to have quantified CSR progress targets; accelerate and maintain sustainable value creation: 100% of portfolio companies to be involved in at least one CSR acceleration program.

Eurazeo supports its portfolio companies in setting quantitative progress CSR objectives for 2020. This approach, based on the CSR reporting of each company and analysis of sector issues, is to define a number of restricted indicators divided between environmental, social, governance and supply chain. It provides a strategic focus on the priority CSR areas, as well as a factual measure of progress from one year to another.

To facilitate the integration of CSR in the corporate activities, Eurazeo has developed several CSR acceleration programs to promote the sharing of expertise and best practices and ultimately accelerate the deployment of improvement plans. By 2020, the objective of Eurazeo is that 100% of the companies participate in at least one CSR acceleration program implemented by Eurazeo.

Measuring achieved progress

Nine investments participated in the first two evaluations; a further three joined the initiative in 2017: 12 companies are therefore included in the study of avoided impacts in 2017: AccorHotels (divested in 2018), Asmodee, Elis, Foncia (divested in 2016), Novacap and Planet for Eurazeo Capital, and Groupe Colisée (divested in 2017), Dessange International, Léon de Bruxelles, Péters Surgical, Redspher and Vignal Lighting Group for Eurazeo PME.

2017 progress

Over the last seven years, CSR programs implemented by the companied avoided :

CSR initiatives of portfolio companies

As part of their CSR approach, the portfolio companies conduct numerous initiatives on ESG issues. These actions allow them to achieve the objectives set as part of their CSR progress plan. Some of these initiatives are recognized as industry best practices.

Each year, key CSR activities undertaken by the portfolio companies can be found in each investment’s page of Eurazeo’s website and on the “Corporate Social Responsibility” section of Eurazeo’s Registration Document (available under Documents and publications).