Eurazeo invests in education

Dernière mise à jour : 19 / 12 / 2018

On the occasion of the 2015-2016 school year, Eurazeo has defined its new patronage policy centered around education. Since September 2015, Eurazeo supports two projects to fight against school failure. By partnering with Agir pour l’école and Apprentis d’Auteuil, recognized associations, Eurazeo attacks doubling the academic difficulties in the most critical periods: upstream when learning to read and downstream with the dropout. Since September 2016, Eurazeo also supports Teach for France and l’Agence du Don en Nature.


Eurazeo work with these four associations has given rise to specific projects, co-built with teaching professionals. These initiatives were selected mainly because they provide a wider impact on the transformation of society, including the possibility of gears to other institutions than those currently affected.


Eurazeo also promotes the commitment of its employees from the various associations supported by offering them the opportunity to invest personally in the deployed projects.


Project developed in collaboration with Agir pour l’école


Fully aware that a high level of literacy is essential to educational success, Eurazeo decided to support “Agir pour l’école” through a program dedicated to developing a digital application for learning to read and supplying educational resources and tablet computers to 800 children. There are plans to extend this program to other classes and geographical areas in the years to come.


Project developed in collaboration with Teach for France

Concerned by educational equality, Eurazeo broadened its social commitment by supporting Teach for France, which advocates an original idea to offer young volunteer graduates the chance to fill vacancies in France’s Education Department in schools located in priority education networks.


Project developed in collaboration with l’Agence du Don en Nature

Convinced that the donation of new products contributes to re-create favorable conditions for disadvantaged children, Eurazeo supported the initiative Les cartables garnis (Full school bags) set up with Agence du Don en Nature (ADN). The project allowed Eurazeo to donate essential school supplies for the 2016-2017 school year to more than 8,000 children from families experiencing great hardship.

Other supported associations

Eurazeo maintains its historical support to several organizations such as Human Rights Watch and the Institut Gustave Roussy.


Human Rights Watch is one of the leading independent organizations in the world dedicated to the protection and defense of human rights. Virginie Morgon, CEO of Eurazeo, is a member of Human Rights Watch Support Committee in Paris. Eurazeo supports this association since 2012.

gustaveThe Institut Gustave Roussy is the first center for fight against cancer in Europe. The “Revolution Cancer” campaign is a unique human adventure bringing together physicians and researchers, major donors and patients receiving personalized treatments. Eurazeo supports this association since 2010.




Some employees are also involved on a personal basis in associations related to education or university lecturers.