Dernière mise à jour : 18 / 04 / 2018


Idinvest Growth Fund II completes Idinvest’s range of expertise within Venture investments by investing in high potential businesses that have already built great products or services and have proven customer adoption. The companies targeted by Idinvest growth fund have achieved annual revenues of over €10M+ in a capital efficient manner whilst rapidly growing the business typically over 40% per year.

“Our Growth Investments portfolio contains already well-established European companies that have confirmed the robustness of their disruptive model or technology.The Growth Fund has an investment capacity of 250 million euros and our investments are typically in the range of €10M to €40M. Post Investment, we play a lead role in company building and value creation in partnership with company management and founders. ” Alban Wyniecki, Investment Director

Selection of portfolio companies :