Dernière mise à jour : 26 / 01 / 2017
Dernière mise à jour : 26 / 01 / 2017
Dernière mise à jour : 26 / 01 / 2017


Luxury clothing and accessories

Moncler, creator of the original down jacket, designs and distributes upscale clothing and accessories for men, women and children. With the support of its leading shareholder, Eurazeo, Moncler has transformed itself to expand the brand’s prestige and reputation worldwide, and through its strategy occupies a prominent position in the luxury goods segment.

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What was the transformation objective?

The aim was to establish Moncler as the global leader in the luxury clothing sector, while seizing the full potential of international growth opportunities.

How is Eurazeo assisting Moncler in its transformation?

Eurazeo is supporting the Group in its geographical diversification strategy, which remains a key component of the company’s growth, alongside the development of its store network to strengthen its brand image.

Major strategic decisions include the decision to separate the sportswear activity from the Moncler brand, enabling the Group to focus on its core business, the decision to diversify the product range and the decision to takeover certain activities initially developed with local partners, such as in China.Moncler is continuing its ascension as demonstrated by its successful IPO in December 2013.


Dernière mise à jour : 26 / 01 / 2017
Dernière mise à jour : 26 / 01 / 2017
Dernière mise à jour : 26 / 01 / 2017

Activity 2015

In 2015 Moncler continued to enjoy strong revenue growth, reporting revenue of €880.4 million, an increase of +27% on a reported basis compared with 2014 and an increase of +19% at constant exchange rates. The Group posted double-digit growth in all its international markets. Asia reported +28% growth, the Americas increased by +27%, Europe and the Middle East by +13% while sales in Italy rose by +5%. Group revenue growth continued to be driven by the retail division, which rose by +33% at constant exchange rates, representing 70% of 2015 revenue (versus 62% in 2014). This performance was due to solid organic growth and the continued development of the network of directly-operated stores.

As of December 31, 2015, the network had 207 stores (172 as of December 31, 2014), including 173 directly-operated stores compared with 134 as of December 31, 2014. In 2015, Moncler opened 27 new stores, in addition to the conversion of 12 wholesale stores to directly-operated stores in Korea.

2016 Outlook

Notwithstanding the uncertain macro-economic and geopolitical situation, the Group forecasts a growth scenario in 2016, based on clear strategic guidelines: international development, selective expansion of product categories, customer focus and brand equity reinforcement.

- CSR Initiative example -

Moncler created a CSR department in 2015. It reports directly to the CEO. It also created a CSR Committee to evaluate proposals and achievements in respect of CSR. Lastly, CSR issues are addressed by the Risk Management Committee, and also feature among the objectives used to determine the variable compensation of strategic executives.

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