Individual investors: a gateway to Private Equity

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We want to give individual investors access to the same deals as institutional investors, through suitable vehicles developed by our experts.

We offer several types of investments with different risk and return profiles to meet the needs of our retail clients.

A co-investment approach

By co-investing with funds designed for institutional investors, our retail clients can access deal sizes that have traditionally been reserved for professionals. This enables them to support the development of unlisted French and European businesses at various stages of development, from startups to medium-sized companies. Retail clients also benefit from our rigorous investment, risk management and reporting processes.

A range of strategies

With our 20 years of experience, we offer a range of options involving several investment strategies: innovation capital, growth capital, private debt and secondary-market investments.

Contributing to the real economy

As well as diversifying their assets, clients investing in our retail solutions are contributing to the real economy. They are supporting the development of companies while also enjoying access to an asset class that represents an effective alternative to mainstream financial markets.

Various ways of investing

Clients can invest in the funds developed by our team of experts in various ways, for example through life insurance policies and securities accounts in France and Europe. Our funds are specially designed for individual investors, taking into account their particular constraints and needs.